Into the Wild: Alaska

Even the most jaded of travelers will find themselves speechless in attempting to describe Alaska’s bountiful and unspoiled majestic beauty. This state is huge in size and scope with a landmass of over 663,000 square miles, including more than 33,000 miles of coastline on three different seas and 222 million acres of unspoiled federal land of which 57.5 million acres are designated as protected wilderness acreage.

So, how is one to approach a destination as huge and intimidating as Alaska? The conventional traveler might find one of a host of cruise experiences to be the best approach and in fact when most clients think of an Alaskan vacation, this is usually assumed. But for those who desire a more intimate and up close introduction to the Alaskan wilderness experience and want to feel billion-year-old tundra under their feet without having to give up luxury creature comforts, then an expert opinion becomes necessary. Entrée Destinations (formerly Entrée Alaska) provides exclusive personalized travel programs with a true insider’s touch. Our custom-crafted Alaskan experience consists of two well-choreographed chapters beginning with stays at two charming wilderness lodges and finishing aboard the luxurious yacht, Crystal, on the scenic Inner Passage.

The Entrée