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Thrill Eaters: Four Seasons Mumbai Now Serving Blowfish

May 7, 2009 By: Dave Eisen

Blowfish. It's that taboo piece of sushi that everyone has heard about; the type of fish that if not prepared properly will kill the unfortunate eater within minutes (also known as Fugu, the Japanese puffer fish's toxicity causes up to 50 deaths per year).



Only specifically licensed sushi chefs are allowed to prepare and serve it and there aren't many of these around—particularly outside Japan.

Until now. Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai's San-Qi Restaurant is now serving Fugu, a dish perfect for adrenaline-craving foodies. Four Seasons says its the first and only restaurant in India with a Fugu-certified chef.

The man wielding the knife, Chef Kato Toshikazu, first tasted Fugu at age 18, when he started working in the kitchen at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo. After years and many, many hours of practice, he's now licensed.

Visit www.fourseasons.com/mumbai.

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