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Virtuoso Travel Mart at Bellagio

August 10, 2010 By: Ruthanne Terrero

As Virtuoso's Travel Mart approaches for 2010, Ruthanne Terrero's anticipation of the 2009 event rings true as we get ready for Sunday, August 15.

We know many luxury travel advisors are preparing for their trip to Las Vegas to attend Virtuoso's Travel Mart. The meeting, which draws thousands to The Bellagio, will last the entire week. While there will be plenty of gala networking events, there will also be a lot of hard work, as agents and suppliers sit for hours and hours of valuable one-to-one meetings every day.

As it turns out, Luxury Travel Advisor was at The Bellagio just two weeks ago, to moderate a panel of travel agents at an event hosted by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau. While we were quite busy for most of our stay, we did have time to snap these photos of the hotel for you to get you psyched for your stay.



Salon Suite at the Bellagio

This was our room at The Bellagio; #11125. It's a Salon Suite.



Salon Suite at the Bellagio

We thought it was an extremely spacious and comfortable place to hunker down into for a few days. It had those neat blinds that go up and down automatically when you push a button on the wall.



Salon Suite Bathtub

Having this great bathtub didn't hurt, either. We had views of The Rio and of a billboard that said Steely Dan would be playing in Vegas soon, which made us want to return. We love Steely Dan. There were also views of the mountains and the desert, which gave us a nice sense of place.



Room service at The Bellagio

Now, we know that most attendees at Travel Mart will be extremely busy the entire time they're at The Bellagio; they'll probably have a quiet breakfast in their room before heading to all the events and meetings.



Pool at The Bellagio

There is, always the chance, however, that they might be able to get away to sit at one of The Bellagio's beautiful pools....



Cabana at The Bellagio

Ideally, it would be nice if they could rent a cabana out for a few hours...



Cabana interior at The Bellagio

...To take a break from all the action. This is the interior of a cabana. I just had to take a look to see what was in it. Besides the private changing area, there are also two pool floats that come with the setup, which we thought was neat.

That's it for now; time to start packing for Travel Mart. See you there!

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