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Virtuoso Releases Annual Travel Dreams Survey   

Virtuoso’s annual Travel Dreams Survey reveals trips of a lifetime and favorite destinations for the world’s savviest travelers.More>>

2014 Virtuoso Best of the Best Award Nominees Announced   

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Every year, the awards recognize the hotels that exemplify Virtuoso’s commitment to delivering experiences in travel. Only 50 properties are under consideration for the awards.More>>

Virtuoso: These Are the Destinations to Watch for Summer Luxury Travel   

Virtuoso reports it harnessed the data of its worldwide travel agency members to reveal 2014’s top destinations during its annual Symposium in Berlin this week. More>>

Andavo Travel's New Advisor Care System Helps Agents Manage Business   

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Andavo Travel is introducing AdvisorCare, an all-encompassing technology system that helps agents manage their business more efficiently, and make travel smoother for their clients. More>>

Commercial Space Travel In Sight As Virgin Galactic's SS2 Completes First Rocket-Powered Flight   

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Virgin Galactic's, SpaceShip Two (SS2) completed its first rocket-powered flight. This marks the beginning of the final phase of vehicle testing prior to commercial service from Spaceport America in New Mexico. Virtuoso has the exclusive right of sale for consumer space travel in the Americas.More>>

Berlin, Germany Has Been Chosen to Host the 2014 Virtuoso Symposium   

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On April 24, Virtuoso’s CEO, Matthew Upchurch made the announcement that next year’s 2014 Virtuoso Symposium will take place in Berlin, Germany, from April 26 through April 30, 2014. More>>

Virtuoso Honors Industry Performers During Travel Week   

With its closing came the Virtuoso Peer-to-Peer awards, which allowed members to recognize preferred suppliers and vice-versa.More>>

Virtuoso Reveals 'Best of the Best'   

As part of Virtuoso's 2012 Travel Week, the luxury consortium announced the winners of the "Best of the Best" hotel awards. More>>

Virtuoso to Allow Clients on to Virtuoso.com   

News By: Ruthanne Terrero

The luxury travel group of travel advisors, which is holding its annual Virtuoso Week here this week at The Bellagio, aims to allow invited consumers on to Virtuoso.com where they can create a profile and participate in social media, such as commenting on travel suppliers in a TripAdvisor fashion,...More>>

Virtuoso Meeting Hits Record High   

News By: Ruthanne Terrero

There are 4,000 attendees in all, with 1,843 advisors and 1,685 suppliers. Last year’s event saw 3,700 attendees.More>>