Aman To Debut Second Property in Japan in 2016

AmanemuAman has announced that it will debut its second property in Japan, Amanemu, during the first quarter of 2016.

Amanemu will be located in Ise Shima National Park in Honshu’s Mie Prefecture, in central Japan, and will be the brand’s first hot spring resort. The property will comprise 24 suites with spacious terraces and views of Ago Bay, as well as private onsen (hot springs). In addition, the hotel will have four two-bedroom villas, a signature Aman Spa, and a restaurant serving traditional Japanese cuisine. 

“Amanemu is in an exceptional location and as per the Aman DNA will be harmoniously blended with its surroundings,” said Olivier Jolivet, CEO of Aman. “This, our first onsen resort, with its nutrient-rich hot springs, will offer an enriching holistic experience that is very much centered on wellness and tradition.” 

Situated in Shima, in Honshu’s Mie Prefecture, Amanemu lies approximately 300 kilometers southwest of Tokyo and guests will have easy access to Japan’s high speed rail network. Other nearby facilities include an 18-hole championship golf course, as well as the UNESCO-protected pilgrimage routes of Kumano Kodō and Ise-Jingū, Japan’s most sacred Shintō shrine. 

In addition, Ise Shima National Park, known as a major culinary and cultural destination, Shima is set host to the G7 Summit in 2016.