Audley Travel Launches Tours in Italy

Luciano Mortula/iStock/Getty Images Plus Web/Getty Images

Tour company Audley Travel has just launched a new European Program as it begins to offer tours in Europe starting with Italy.  Audley is a tour company specializing in creating 100 percent tailor-made itineraries in exotic locations around the world. In the next year, Audley plans to employ a new team of country specialists and create itineraries for Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and France. Audley’s unique itineraries offer routes, guides, food, lodging and local secrets

A few examples of experiences in Italy offered by Audley include:

•    An overnight stay in an 11th century monastery, featuring a cooking class and wine tasting.
•    Train-like-a-gladiator session with a professional re-enactor who will teach you the history of gladiators in Rome as well as ancient arena fighting tactics.  
•    A private guided tour of the Borghese Gallery as well as a guided visit to the Santa Maria del Puopolo Church.
•    A backstage tour of the Arena in Verona.
•    A private guided tour of the Jewish symbols concealed in the artwork of the Vatican that were deliberately hidden by Michelangelo, likely as part of his ongoing feud with Pope Julius II.  
•    Sea to table experience with a local fisherman on his boat, catch your dinner and enjoy it seaside in Sorrento.
•    An opportunity to make your own carnival mask with a master mask-maker in Venice.
•    An in-depth exploration of Florence’s many local artisan trades including cantucci, mosaics, Florentine paper and wine.

These are just a few of the experiences offered by Audley, more tours can be found at