Rachel Caron-Delas

Rachel Caron-Delas

As a young child, Rachel Caron-Delas buckled her seatbelt in preparation for her first flight across the Atlantic to visit her family – a seven-hour journey from New York to France – and, though the plane hadn’t yet taken off, she turned to her mom and dad, unable to contain her excitement regarding the discovery of their unfamiliar destination, and eagerly pronounced the question every traveling parent dreads: “Are we there yet?

To this day, Rachel has maintained an insatiable wanderlust, be it at home, or abroad. Though she remains attached to her hometown, this native New Yorker has grown up in an international environment that has enabled her to experience diverse customs and cultures. Prior to graduating from Barnard College, she attended the United Nations International School, where she relished in the multicultural relationships forged with her peers and professors. While planning trips continues to top her list of priorities (escapes to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico and Spain, are only a handful of the memorable adventures on which she’s embarked), she’s aware that temporary jaunts from the Big Apple aren’t always realistic. Regardless, when the travel bug bites, she knows where to head for a remedial change of scenery. Sometimes, dim sum in Chinatown, or people-watching from a café terrace in Brooklyn turn out to be just what the doctor ordered!

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