Best Practice Tips From Travel Experts' Contractors

Travel Experts, a Virtuoso agency, shares a list of best practices developed during a recent Think Tank with several Travel Expert’s independent contractors.

- Don’t waste an enormous amount of money on mailing lists, which usually aren’t worth the cost.
- Although referrals are best, making your brand more visible through PR and marketing is worth the investment.
- If you don’t have the time or expertise for social media outsource it to someone who does. 

Client Relations – Before the Trip
- In your local market, saying you’ve been there and having a copy of an itinerary on your desk is always impressive.
- Provide personal and one-stop shopping for all travel services from tracking lost luggage to any other services needed on the trip back home.
- Be accessible and honest, so that clients respect your advice.
- Be mindful of your client’s budget.
- Encourage clients to make appointments later in the day, which is a huge hit with the retired set.
- Always offer independent insurance, which offers great commissions.
- If possible, get access to an RFI site to easily search for info and inquire about locations and itineraries from other experienced agents to help clients more efficiently.
- Adapting to last minute bookings and having a niche is important.