Big Five Announces Tours in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands

Big Five Tours & Expeditions has announced that it teamed up with two like-minded partners – Silversea Cruises and Hacienda Zuleta – to provide a luxury experience in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Big Five’s goal in Ecuador and the islands is to create luxury journeys, such as “Luxury Ecuador with Silversea Silver Galapagos”, which also encompasses communities that have until recently been left out of the tourism equation.

Silversea Silver Galapagos is the newest ship in the Silversea line, and is the most luxurious. Once onboard, a butler will even do the unpacking. This all-inclusive experience offers guests all the comforts, including nine different pillow types, gourmet cuisine, and complimentary beverages, wines and spirits served aboard the ship specially designed for cruising the Galápagos Islands.

Hacienda Zuleta is a boutique hotel boasting antique touches, such as antique furniture, family portraits and hand embroidered linens. Every night, the staff lights the fireplace in each room, and places hot water bottles to warm each bed while guests are at dinner. It is located as a center of a Zuleta village, so guests can meet members of local community.

The 13-day “Luxury Ecuador with Silversea Silver Galapagos” journey, part of the Magellan Collection, melds Ecuador’s lesser-visited areas in the north of the country with the seven-day luxury cruise, with a range of activities including horseback riding in the Andes, and scuba diving in the islands.

Big Five Tours & Expeditions offers luxury guided travel to Africa, Asia, the Orient, South and Central America, and the South Pacific.