Celebrate and Measure

Milestones are a time to celebrate. Whether it’s 50, 25 or one year, these moments are an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments, celebrate the journey and use milestones as a motivation for the future. I recently visited Barbados, where preparations are on for its 50th anniversary of independence. I’m pictured below with The Honorable Richard Llewellyn Sealy, minister of tourism (right), and Petra Roach, director of U.S. for Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (center).

On this month’s cover of Luxury Travel Advisor, we feature Tzell’s chairman, Barry Liben, as the agency turns 50. Whether it is a country or a company, such celebrations are possible only because the leaders and the people associated with these entities adapt to change and capitalize on market conditions to elevate collectively all individuals that make up the whole.

But we can’t wait for milestones to measure our success. You must set short-term goals and go through the same process of reflecting on how you accomplished your objectives. Celebrate the wins and plot for the future. Our short-term goal is in full swing as we prepare for our second Travel Industry Exchange (www.travelindustryexchange.com) to be held from December 13-15 in San Diego.

All indicators illustrate that advisors who specialize in the travel sector are experiencing rapid growth. The specialists are creating travel experiences beyond what generalists can do and, therefore, winning business and growing at a hyper escalated rate than all others. Advisors who attend can enter educational tracks on luxury travel, romance, cruise as well as multigenerational travel. It would be great to see you in San Diego to learn, meet new suppliers serving the specialization market, and to set our goals for 2017 together.