Cheetah Watch Starts New Namibia Safari

Cheetah Tour
Photo by Marcy Mendelson/Cheetah Watch

Get up close and personal with some of Africa's fiercest animals and protect them while you’re doing it: Cheetah Watch, an organization committed to raising awareness of the issues facing the cheetah and promoting solutions for their survival, has announced two new itineraries for 2017, Cheetah Watch Namibia Safari Tours, to be led by the organization’s founder, Marcy Mendelson.

Join conservation filmmaker, photographer and National Geographic contributor Mary Mendelson on a journey through Africa to see the cheetah in the wild. The tours include luxury accommodations in each of the game drives visited during your safari with experienced game rangers on private lands, in addition to a variety of national reserves that will allow off road access and the ability to follow the animals – from the cheetah to elephants, leopards, rhinos or dung beetles – at night. In addition guests will have access to hands-on experiences with cheetah researchers and experts as well as educational lectures on cheetahs, the diversity of their habitats and the multitude of conservations effort in place to keep them safe.

The Cheetah Watch Namibia Classic Safari, departing for two weeks July 2, 2017, tours the famed Sossusvlei where adventurers can hike the tallest sand dune in the world. The tour drives along Fury Road (from the acclaimed film Mad Max: Fury Road) to see where the movie was shot on their way down to Swakopmud, a coastal town, before stopping at the Palmwag Concession along the way to track rhino and search for the cheetah in Etosha.

The Cheetah Watch Namibia Luxe Off the Beaten Path Safari, Mendelson’s new-for-2017 itinerary, flies guests up north near the Angolan border, along the Hoarusib River where desert elephants are frequently spotted among the Himba people and their nomadic, pastoral culture. Among the lodges in the itinerary is the luxury property Okahirongo ElephantLodge. The Luxe Tour departs for 12 days from June 14 to June 26, 2017.

Both tours will visit Namibia during the dry season which is ideal for wildlife viewing, as watering holes become a guaranteed spot to visit animals drinking during the day. Beyond engaging with the wild life, travelers will dine under the stars and become familiar with stargazing and nighttime photography.

For more information and to make reservations, travelers should contact Marcy Mendelson at Cheetah Watch at [email protected]