Clé Privée Introduces Personalized Approach in Travel

Paris-based company Clé Privée has announced the launch of a travel concierge that arranges tailor-made experiences in the domains of hotels, restaurants, shopping, art, and leisure. While many distributors increasingly favor automatic booking system featuring automatically aggregated offers based on preferred partnerships between travel agencies and service providers, Clé Privée chose to do the opposite by emphasizing on personalized services centered on client needs and interests.

Clients can seek assistance in planning a full trip or in adding special touches to their planned itinerary. A personal concierge will assist them throughout their preparation process, starting from making recommendations, to making the reservations and following up on their experience. Clients can also contact their personal concierge for help if encounter problems during their vacations. This personalized approach is said to enable clients to ensure that every detail of their trip fits their personal preferences.

Clé Privée also shares with its clients discoveries they can make, instead of offering only popular suggestions of hotels and activities. This caters to clients who have a desire to explore off the beaten path locations and enjoy unconventional experiences, but require insider information to help them make informed choices.

Clé Privée started out in 2012 as a company specializing in hotel rooms, with its team traveling in search of the unique hotel rooms around the world and recommending them to clients. It now caters to the diverse demands of its clientele, and has enhanced its expertise in other fields such as restaurants, shopping, art and leisure.