Delivering Your Luxury Honeymoon Proposal

After your “discovery” period with your honeymoon couple, you’ll need to come up with final options for them to choose from.

This is a step in the process that can determine whether or not you are going to get the final gig as the luxury travel advisor who makes the client’s dreams come true. We’ve seen trip proposals that simply list the steps of a trip— times for car service pickups, airline information and destination, and hotel name and confirmation number.

Don’t ever hand such a list to a client and tell them that this is your proposal for their honeymoon trip.

Instead, do it up. Take each section of the trip and flesh out what the experience will be like. Such lingo as, “You will be met by your driver in a luxury Mercedes and whisked off to LAX for your business class flight to Fiji” sounds much better than “Meet driver at 6:30 a.m. Flight 0062 to Fiji departs 10 a.m.”

This is your time to be inspirational, so be sure that your trip proposals paint a heavenly image of what your newlyweds will experience.

When you deliver the documents, if you’re not doing it in person, wrap them up in a box and put a bow around it all. Send flowers or a bottle of champagne to go with your paperwork, which should be secured in an elegant notebook or binder, in a style that fits in with your personal branding.

Remember, you need to work it to ensure the trip-planning process is part of a marvelous journey for your love birds.