Design Buzz: Infusion Beach & Hotel in Palm Springs

infusion beach

1875 N. Palm Canyon Partners II, the developers of Infusion Beach & Hotel (IBH), have released the design details for the new project, set to open in Palm Springs in late 2015. The new hotel is a multi-million dollar renovation of the existing Garden Vista Hotel in Palm Springs' North End District.

The architect of IBH, Chicago-based Door Thirteen, is known for its designs in high-rise construction, resort developments, residential dwellings and planned communities. It served as the lead architectural firm working with the Infusion brand since the development of its first nightclub/hotel in San Francisco, Infusion Lounge and Hotel Fusion, in 2009.

infusion beach

According to Door Thirteen's lead designer, Nathan Kaye, for IBH, the firm will be using a refined, borderline minimalist design, incorporating the tech-Asian signature Infusion brand, with references to the Modernism style. Rooms will include platform beds, white marble counters with moveable sliding screens, white-washed wood floors, a European self-contained integrated shower/spa area with free-standing tub/basin, and folding glass walls that will disappear into a built-in niche.

The original Garden Vista Hotel was built in 1986 and has 124 guestrooms, two swimming pools, a fitness center and meeting facilities. It is located at 1875 N. Palm Canyon Drive, within walking distance from Downtown Palm Springs.

The Garden Vista will remain open through July 2015, when renovation and construction will begin to transform the property into the new Infusion Beach & Hotel.