Berlin Buzz: Five Nightlife (And Daylife) Spots to Explore

The Huffington Post has a great story today with some top tips on Berlin's nightlife scene…which regularly extends well into daytime. Depending on what your clients like, here are five places for them to visit by night or by day.

Old-Fashioned Beer
Prater Garten has been around since 1837, making it the oldest beer garden in the city, and one of the few establishments to survive both the bombings of the World Wars and the iron curtain of Soviet rule. Located in the nightlife district of Prenzlauer Berg, the outdoor area can hold 1,030 people. For cooler or rainy weather, the interior beer hall and restaurant is a good alternative.

Rock Music
White Trash Fast Food is a popular destination in East Berlin, with a décor that we hear is "a campy hodgepodge of old-west, British pub, and trailer park." The restaurant serves American fare (good comfort food for US visitors, we say). A smaller stage is upstairs, and the downstairs Diamond Lounge is good "for some serious rocking out." Every weekend the large space books international rock and roll acts that perform well into the night.

Strandbar Mitte creates a fun beach environment in the middle of Berlin, complete with palm trees and umbrellas. The expansive man-made beach runs along the Spree, Berlin's main waterway, and looks out across Museum Island. It's the perfect spot for sunbathing and enjoying a cold brewski.

"Zu mir oder zu dir" literally means "to my place or yours," and this chic lounge caters to fashionistas and pre-club drinkers with high-end cocktails.

We hear that Berghain is a labyrinth of concrete and metal. The main floor is home to internationally renowned techno DJs, while the upstairs Panorama bar spins house music for a slightly more intimate crowd. The club starts to heat up around 2 a.m., and there is a strict zero camera policy to ensure privacy.