Buzz from Berlin—Walking Tours Show New Side of City

For a different view of Berlin, Context Travel is launching new walking tours to the German capital's hidden gems in Kreuzberg, a neighborhood known for its multiethnic and punk character.

In this three-hour tour, led by local scholars (many of whom live or have lived in the neighborhood), Context explores the social history of Kreuzberg and how it represents Berlin’s reputation as a haven for activists.  Former squats transformed into cultural learning centers, as well as richly decorated mosques tell a tale how the “punk” and immigrant inhabitants of this area have banded together, forming a unique bond to preserve the character of their neighborhood in the face of change.

“Once surrounded by the wall on three sides, Kreuzberg still has is a feeling of being on an island in Berlin. In fact, everyone calls Kreuzberg ‘the village,’” explains Robert Sommer, a professor of cultural studies and one of the local historians who leads this walk, “There is a strong sense of community. People who move to Kreuzberg always stay in Kreuzberg, because it's the perfect place to live: a cultural epicenter with great nightlife, great diversity, and very multi-ethnic. Only there you find alternative music venues next to Turkish shops, and this unique history is something that makes Kreuzberg an intriguing area to explore.”

Context’s Kreuzberg, From Counterculture to Culture Capital walking tour is the first of a series of walks that will launch over the next year to explore the current face of Berlin.

“More than any other European city Context works in, Berlin is undergoing a rapid transformation that is reshaping the city before our eyes.” explains expansion manager Jessica Stewart, “With the new walks we will be launch, Kreuzberg included, we wanted to share this spirit of Berlin as an evolving city with our clients and delve into the complex reasons for and implications of this change.”

Kreuzberg, from Counterculture to Culture Capital will be offered both privately on request and as regularly scheduled shared group walks. For more information, visit

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