Cambodian Private Island Extends Marine Conservation Area

Fishing boats in CambodiaLocated in the Koh Rong archipelagio, Cambodia’s first marine conservation area is officially expanding.  Song Saa Private Island, the first resort to be built on one of Cambodia's mostly undeveloped islands, is set to unveil the additional 1,235 acres dedicated to marine conservation area.

The expanded marine sanctuary is the result of collaboration between Song Saa Private Island and the recently established Footprints Organization, with vital support and buy-in from the local community and relevant government authorities. 
The extended conservation area known as the “Song Saa Coral Reef and Biodiversity Conservation Area” will provide further protection to Cambodia's unique fish, corals, giant clams, rare seahorses and delicate sea-grass beds. Additionally, it will protect local marine life from harmful practices such as the use of poisons and explosives for fishing, and “bottom trawling,” in which a net is dragged along the sea floor, destroying the species that live there.

The Footprints Organization was established to promote environmental education and awareness, with a focus on projects that improve ecological well-being and the sustainability of community livelihoods. Paired with Song Saa Private Island, their shared efforts in expanding the marine conservation area and educating the public allow marine life to recover and replenish.  In turn, this will let local villagers keep fishing as a source of income, while doing minimal long-term damage to the environment. Song Saa Private Island has already received a number of awards for its conservation and sustainability efforts. 


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