Campana Brothers Design A Suite at Hotel Lutetia, Paris

Hotel Lutetia Paris, Campana Brothers, suite

Hotel Lutetia Paris, Campana Brothers, suiteThe Campana brothers are at it again. Following in the footsteps of filmmaker David Lynch, who designed a suite at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris last year, the Brazilian design duo have waved their wands over a signature suite at the Saint-Germain hotel.

Named “Fernando & Humberto” in the designers' honor, the suite is très contemporary in style, fashioned in a brown and green palette. The Campana brothers are known for using unusual and off-beat materials in their work; salvaged items reference Brazilian street culture in an industrial design aesthetic. In the new suite, they created wall-to-wall carpeting that's a work of art-- called “Sushi 2”-- it also covers part of the wall, creating the outline of a headboard. For more information, visit

On your next jaunt to Paris, make a bee-line for the Orsay Museum's new(ish) cafe off the Impressionist Gallery for another dose of Campana design genius.

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