Culture Watch: Andaz 5th Avenue's Rotating Art Exhibit

Art enthusiasts will flock to Andaz 5th Avenue for the next year as the hotel unveils tdb Art, a rotating art series featuring four renowned artists: Mike Dreeland, Mister Cartoon, Claw Money and Gibby Haynes. Each artist will paint their "View of New York - Today" on the doors leading to the bar downstairs.

Artist Mike Dreeland launched the art program on October 6. He introduces a pop art style mixing basic acrylics and techniques from the old masters with high-tech tools of the present.

On December 12 Mister Cartoon will be ushered into the spotlight. Guests will see a new side of New York through the eyes of the iconic tattoo and graffiti artist. Big name artists like Eminem, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce have entrusted him to permanently expose some of their most intimate moments on their skin. Serving as the hotel's Tattoo Artist in Residence, Mister Cartoon will offer this same service to guests of the hotel.

Artist Claudia Gold begins her residency on February 12. Known as Claw Money, her graffiti alter ego, she will combine her eye for fashion with her edgy grafiti style on the doors to the bar downstairs.

Finally on June 12 Andaz 5th Avenue will wave hello to Gibby Haynes, front man for the Butthole Surfers and known for artful chronicling his life experiences through contemporary creations. His Pop Surrealism pieces of art have been featured across the country and will be put in the spotlight leading to the bar downstairs.

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