Exclusive Wine Club to Open in the Hamptons

Good news for oenophiles in New York: The Post is reporting that a billionaire businessman is opening New York’s first wine “club” over Memorial Day, offering about 75 people memberships to his luxury hangout. The catch? Membership reportedly costs $50,000, in addition to roughly $8,000 in annual dues — and there’s not even a restaurant for dining while wining.

The "lavishly decorated" Société du Vin, owned by Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, will open in the town of Bridgehampton out on the East End of Long Island.

Alexander hired Hollywood set designer Elvis Restaino — who also designed actor Gerard Butler’s New York loft — to create the club, which we hear has an "extravagant dark faux leather, wood and stone decor." The venue is tucked inside a 6,800-square-foot former potato barn on Butter Lane, part of which is reserved for wine storage for members. The site also offers state-of-the-art storage, including for some of Alexander’s 6,000 bottles, but lacks a golf course, tennis courts or pool, and while there is no restaurant, the club does have a catering kitchen, so members can bring a chef to offer pairings for their guests, and there will be “snacks” served when members are sipping and sharing their wines. (No word on what the snacks will be, but at these prices, we hope truffles are involved. And not the chocolate kind...)

The club is expected to hold about four events year. At these gatherings, members will be able taste such vintage wines as a 1945 bottle of Petrus, which currently sells for about $10,000. 

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