Germany: Value for Money


                Neustadt: Wine Road

Even with the current state of the economy, Germany offers guests plenty of possibilities to save money by stretching the Euro and taking advantage of the numerous discounts available to travelers.


Germany offers something for everyone and for every pocketbook. Choose from a range of hotels in every category – all with rates well below what you will find in other European countries. The average cost of a room in Berlin is less than $200, where you would pay upwards of $420 for a night in London or Paris!


Getting around Germany is easy and comfortable. For example, travelers can drive the world-famous “Autobahn” toll-free for passenger cars. Your clients can travel by train or bus and still discover Germany’s charm, beauty and history. Rail passes are another great way to save money while traveling the highly sophisticated German railway.


  "Sommerpause" Collage by C. Neeon


Germany offers myriad things to see and do, and many of these at no cost! Visit more than 90 nature parks and 14 national parks, the majority of which are free of charge to visit! Nearly every large city in Germany offers a Welcome Card or City pass, which in addition to including use of public transportation, will also offer discounts to museums, theaters and more.  Germany also plays host to several events, including the Oktoberfest, the world’s largest festival of beer, and smaller regional food and wine festivals – all without admission fees.

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