Last Word: Expect the Unexpected

wedding ringsYou may have done everything you’ve been asked to do. Everything is planned and all your clients have to do is to get into the car you’ve ordered to take them to the airport, to fly to the amazing destination wedding or honeymoon you’ve arranged for them. Nice work! In fact, you may be so exhausted you might be thinking of taking a luxury vacation yourself, just to recover from all the headaches you’ve endured to be sure everything is in place.

Not so fast. Now is the time to expect the unexpected. Your bride may change her mind on the color of the flowers she wants in the church. Your groom might have realized his passport is about to expire, even though you’ve told him 100 times to be sure it has at least six months to go before it needs to be renewed. Someone may get sick, they may lose their job, or they might have a fight. They might have second thoughts, they might get drunk at the bachelorette party and say the wrong thing to the wrong person, or the groom might accidentally drop the name of an ex-girlfriend to his fiancée, who gets hysterical that that woman’s name is being mentioned during the time that’s supposed to be special only for her, and she may storm off and lock herself up somewhere in her fury and shut off her cell phone.

In any of these circumstances, you might be the person who gets the call to help fix everything. Remember, you’re the calm, cool and confident one, right? 

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Be ready to deal with such situations. If you’ve got a big wedding party traveling to another destination for an event you planned, be sure you’re around to help pick up the pieces while it’s all going on. Try to plan your schedule so that you’re available to assist with any number of phone calls or e-mails that might seem dire when you receive them, but really just need a sane third party to think clearly to correct the situation.

Your involvement in a luxury destination wedding or honey-moon doesn’t end until the couple is safely home. Even then, your work has just begun. After all, if you’ve truly created their fantasy experience, they’ll be waiting to find out what you can do for them on their next trip.


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