Meatpacking District Restaurant to Serve Wagyu Steaks Following Ban Lift

Heads up, steak fans! New York City website Gothamist is reporting that the popular Meatpacking District mainstay Old Homestead Steakhouse is serving a new and notable steak. What makes it notable? The restaurant claims that the meat is a "limited first shipment" from Japan (which can only recently export beef again following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in 2010), and will be selling the 12-oz Kobe-style fillets for a whopping $350.

To produce a steak worthy of that price, the cows are reportedly fed a diet rich in soybeans, rice, and beer, and get massages daily. The resulting beef has 30 to 40 percent more fat marbling than USDA prime. Diners who order this special meal will also get a special commemorative plate to remember their dinner.

And if the steak doesn't appeal, the restaurant also serves a hamburger with housemade sake onion ketchup, miso & ginger aioli and a side of tater tots. That's only $81—mere pennies compared to that steak!

Old Homestead is located on 9th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. Visit for more information.

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