Palace of Versailles Unveils New High-End Food Brand

VersaillesSome fun food news out of the French capital: The Palace of Versailles is launching its very own gourmet line. Once the opulent residence for royalty, today one of the world's most popular monuments, the Palace of Versailles is also celebrated for its sprawling gardens. It was here that Louis XIV had a vegetable garden planted as a horticultural experiment, and this royal potager had a profound impact on the history of la cuisine française. The new gourmet brand is hence supposed "to reflect the refined and even adventurous tastes of Louis XIV," explains France24 News.

To launch the line-- called Château de Versailles Epicerie Fine—Versailles teamed up with the company Oh! Légumes Oubliés ("Oh! Forgotten Vegetables"). Elegant items like jam, foie gras, truffles, and soups are available for purchase this month at specialty department stores Le Bon Marché and Lafayette Gourmet. Eventually, the line will expand internationally, supplying boutiques and airport vendors. For more information, visit

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