Paris' Hotel Fouquet's Barrière Launches Kid-Friendly Events


Nice news for families headed to Paris: Hotel Fouquet's Barrière is introducing a "Fouquet's Kids" program, a combination of fun workshops and shows taking place at 3pm on afternoons through May 2012.

The events include:
Lilli's Trip to Balloon City (December 29): This show introduces young visitors to Lilli, who has just returned from Balloon City where everything is made out of balloons. Having lost her photo album she enlists the help of children to recreate the balloon experience.
Laugh Out Loud (January 22, 2012): Kids will get a kick out of this clown act that includes juggling, jokes, slapstick comedy and music.
It's Our Planet! (February 12, 2012): How can bottles become fleece jackets? How can paper, plastic bags, bottle tops be reborn as brooches, rings and bracelets? Kids learn about reusing and recycling in this workshop. Best of all: At the end, children will get to take home their "treasures."
Fouquet's Magic! (March 11, 2012): A magic show for the whole family. Audience participation is encouraged throughout this introduction to a collection of surprisingly funny and entertaining magic wands.
Guignol Saves the River (April 1, 2012): April Fool's Day finds the uniquely French marionette, Guignol, off to a picnic by the river. His plans for a day of fishing are thwarted when he discovers the level of pollution in the river. The audience will hold an active role in this show, focusing on water and wildlife preservation, as Guignol strives to restore order to the river.
Budding Gardeners (May 13, 2012): Hotel Fouquet's Barriere invites all budding gardeners to come and get their hands dirty (literally!) at this springtime event. Children will learn about a variety of plants and create their own take-home herbarium.
Following the afternoon entertainment, young gourmets can sample pastries created for the occasion by Head Pastry Chef, Claude Decrozet. (Perk for parents: Grown-ups can sample these bites in advance at Bar Le Lucien while waiting for their children to finish their activities.)
Events, which run 90 minutes or less, are open to children, ages 7 and up, and cost $60 per child.
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