Planned Reburial of Richard III Stirs Controversy in England


Just when we thought the Wars of the Roses were well in the past, the recent discovery of King Richard III's remains has stirred up some old resentment. 

The bones, which were found last autumn and identified last month, are expected to be interred in Leicester Cathedral, near the central-England parking lot where the king was buried after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. 

But the Associated Press is reporting that officials in York want Richard, a member of the former House of York, to be buried in the north, and that York Minster, a prominent attraction in the city, has received "abusive letters." 

Leicester Cathedral announced that the king would be reburied with a memorial of "simple dignity" marked by a stone slab. Museums throughout the region are planning to educate interested visitors on the Wars of the Roses and the Richard's role in the country's development.

Luxury Travel Advisor will be visiting Leicester and some of the places associated with Richard III next week—stay tuned for updates about how the region will celebrate one of England's most controversial kings!


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