Top 25 Asian Cities for Luxury Shopping

Fashionistas looking to score in Asia will want to check out the newly released Globe Shopper Index, launched by Global Blue.

The Globe Shopper Index ranks cities in Asia based on five categories covering shops, affordability, convenience, hotels & transport and culture & climate.

"In 2011 more than 15 million Americans traveled overseas to Asia and Europe. The majority of these trips were leisure trips and more than 70 percent of travelers claim to have shopped during their trips," reports

Global Blue tracked spending by US citizens when they shopped for goods like clothing, watches and jewelry.

The top 25 cities are:

1. Hong Kong
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Shanghai
4. Beijing
5. Singapore
6. Sydney
7. Bangkok
8. Tokyo
9. Seoul
10. Delhi
11. Manila
12. Taipei
13. Auckland
14. Bangalore
15. Guangzhou
16. Mumbai
17. Jakarta
18. Osaka
19. Ho Chi Minh City
20. Busan
21. Nagoya
22. Colombo
23. Dhaka
24. Karachi
25. Yangon


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