Diner en Blanc Returns to New York City This Month

It's back, it's back! The annual Diner en Blanc picnic is returning to New York City this month--but no one knows exactly where it will be.

According to city website Gothamist, the pop-up picnic has all 4,000 guests dress in "elegant white" (as opposed to inelegant white?) on September 18 and gather in a "landmark location," but they'll only learn where to bring their hampers 30 minutes before the meal begins. 

Last year, the event was held at Lincoln Center plaza. This year, we hear a master sommelier will be serving Bordeaux Wine, a nice tip of the hat (or raising of the glass, as it were) to the event's origins in France. 

Registration begins next Tuesday, September 10th at noon, and non-members will need to sign up in advance. Upon registration, guests will be notified via email if they are one of the lucky 4,000 souls who'll take part in the "massive achromatic affair." (We hear that the debut 2011 event had more than 30,000 applicants. White is clearly the new black.)