The Doyle Collection Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Major Updates

The Doyle Collection, an Irish family-owned hotel group, recently marked its 50th anniversary with the launch of a brand redesign and the completion of a major investment program.The Doyle Collection

Comprising eight individual hotels in five cities around the world, The Doyle Collection has properties in London, Dublin, Cork, Washington and Bristol. The major investment program consists of more than $228 million and is being spent on the hotels over a span of seven years, including:

- The transformation of the ground floor of The Kensington in London by Alexander Waterworth Interiors, including updates to the Town House restaurant and K Bar.
- New suites at The Kensington Hotel including the Kensington Suite, which was recently completed, and the new contemporary Brompton Suite, scheduled to be unveiled this summer.
- Two design initiatives by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio at The Bloomsbury in London and The Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C.-- scheduled for completion in 2017.
- A new all-day dining concept, Dalloway Terrace, which was launched at The Bloomsbury, as well as the London Suites and the 108 Brasserie, Bar and Pantry unveiled at The Marylebone. 
Throughout 2015 and 2016, Bernie Gallagher, executive chairman and a significant shareholder, has focused on repositioning the group as a collection of individual hotels by working in collaboration with several international designers.
The largest transformation has been in London, where the remodeled public spaces at The Kensington include the lobby, drawing room, Town House restaurant and The K-bar. Remodeled suites and the refreshed Brompton Suite are set to be completed later this summer. In Cork, The River Lee launched The Hub, a suite of contemporary meeting rooms, break-out spaces and lounges designed to cater to business travelers. 
The Bloomsbury also launched a new all-day dining concept, Dalloway Terrace, in spring 2016, while the The Dupont Circle’s meetings and events spaces were updated. In Dublin, The Grafton Suite at The Westbury received a refreshment, while the launch of Balfes brasserie and bar was successful with both locals and travelers. Summer 2015 saw the unveiling of The London Suites at The Marylebone, after the opening of 108 Brasserie, Bar and Pantry. 
In addition to the refurbishments, The Doyle Collection also recently invested in a complete transformation of its visual identity in an effort to "more clearly define the individual personality of each hotel," dividing the properties into two groups: "luxury" and "urban," explained a release.   

The five "luxury" hotels within the group include The Westbury, Dublin, the group’s flagship hotel; The Kensington, London; The Marylebone, London; The Bloomsbury, London; and The Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
Meanwhile, The Doyle Collection’s three "urban" hotels are The River Lee, Cork; The Bristol, Bristol; and The Croke Park, Dublin. 
The Doyle Collection worked alongside a branding agency to forge a new brand and design vision, enhancing in-room collateral, signage, marketing materials and digital presence for each hotel.  The group’s definition of success is for guests to “feel that its hotels are more akin to a home or a private club than a regular hotel,” explained a release.
The new look reveals each hotel’s font and colors, and logos reflect the their individual history, location or architecture. The classic “Tiffany” blue background and serif font was chosen for The Kensington, while the “Mad Men” 50s-inspired orange and black logo now represents The Dupont Circle. The Bristol’s signage includes the historic building’s identifiable windows. In addition, new branding for the group’s restaurants have also been revealed. 

The group’s website also launched with a view to increase direct bookings and highlight new photography as well as the group’s blog. New features also include guest-friendly, boxed in-room collateral, stationery and pens; brochures; matches; slippers and umbrellas.