Eataly Expands in Italy; Mega-Store Planned for Bologna

Good news for serious foodies: Eataly is set to open a new restaurant-cum-grocery store in Milan. According to Italy Magazine, the food emporium chain will debut this week in Piazza XXV Aprile with three floors of food, wine, books and household items, as well as areas for workshops, meetings, presentations – all related to the world of food and wine. We hear each floor will have sales and restaurant areas, as well as production areas for mozzarella, bread and pastries. 

But Eataly isn't going to stop there. (Why should it? With 26 establishments opening in just seven years, the company is on a roll.) According to ABC News, Eataly has partnered with the municipality of Bologna to develop a food-centric theme park called Fico Eataly World.

The venture will reportedly give gourmands a way to sample the region's popular food and drink in one location. And if you thought the stores were big, this one will take the cake (literally, perhaps?) at more than 20 acres.