Edgewater Hotel Gets a New Restaurant

The BoathouseThe Boathouse, a more casual companion restaurant to the Madison, WI, Edgewater hotel's elegant Statehouse, opened recently, and on sunny, warm-weather days has been drawing bigger crowds than its more formal counterpart.

"They've been pulling some great numbers, when the weather's permitting, of course," Craig Madigan, the Statehouse's manager, told the Wisconsin State Journal. "In fact, they gave the Statehouse bar a run for its money last Friday." 

The two-level Boathouse seats 50 out its terrace and about 50 inside, Madigan said. It has an emphasis on its bar and a heavy focus on fish. The Boathouse is in the hotel's Langdon building, while the Statehouse is in the Wisconsin building.

"People have been loving sitting out on the deck," he said, adding that customers have been asking about when the pier will go in so they can sit out there.

The pier is slated to open July 4 and a crane is in place for the job, Madigan said, adding that the view is not marred.  

"It's quite a spectacle," he said. "It's really quite amazing. But people are still utilizing the Boathouse."

The Boathouse is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

A second entity, the Icehouse, which Madigan describes as offering higher end concessions on the hotel's plaza, has faced some construction delays, but should be open by June 13, he said.

The Icehouse is designed for families to come and have a slice of pizza and a brat and sit in the plaza area on the water.

A schedule of events is being planned for the plaza.