Etihad Launches In-Flight Nanny Service

Families heading to the United Arab Emirates will get a new perk when they fly Etihad Airways: The UAE's flag-carrier has launched a dedicated in-flight child care assistance program for families, led by the introduction of a new Flying Nanny on board long-haul flights.

Each Flying Nanny will provide a ‘helping hand’ to families and unaccompanied minors. During the past two months, 300 Etihad Airways cabin crew members have completed enhanced training for the role. A further 60 will be trained in September and 500 Flying Nannies will be working across Etihad Airways flights by the end of 2013.

What makes this service special? The course includes in-depth training from Norland College concentrating on child psychology and sociology, enabling the Flying Nannies to identify different types of behavior and developmental stages that children go through and how to appreciate the perspective and needs of traveling families. In addition, the course also covers many different creative ways the Flying Nanny can entertain and engage with children during flights. 

Many of the activities derive from a special kit which contains straws, stickers, cardboard and other items which the Flying Nanny uses to teach simple arts and crafts such as creating special greeting cards for friends and family. 

Services may include helping serve children’s meals early in the flight and offering activities and challenges to help entertain and occupy younger guests. The Flying Nanny will also use service items such as paper cups which can be made into hats and the Japanese art of origami to fold paper into sculptures. All activities are designed so the Flying Nanny can leave the children to produce and complete on their own.

Another on-board highlight will be the creation of sock puppets, which use stickers from the Flying Nanny kit as eyes and the socks from the guest’s travel pack. In addition to the arts and crafts, the Flying Nannies can also teach children simple magic tricks which helps retain their focus and interest while seated.

For older children, the Flying Nanny can hand out fun quizzes and challenges to keep them occupied as well as taking them on tours of the galley during quieter moments of the flight.

Towards the end of the flight, the Flying Nanny will help parents by replenishing milk bottles, and offering items such as water, fruit and other snacks especially if the family is transiting to another flight.

The Flying Nanny will also advise families that are transiting at Abu Dhabi about the various baby-changing and child facilities at the airport, as well as informing them that there is a children’s play area at Gate 32 in Terminal 3, and in the premium lounges.