explora Launches ‘High Mountain Expeditions’ in the Atacama Desert

explora has announced the new “High Mountain Expeditions”, which provides tourists a chance to discover the Andes, one of the places left in the world that still lies undiscovered to most of mankind.

The longest mountain range on earth offers ascents to summits between 16,400 feet and 19,700 feet in the Atacama Desert. Mountaineering enthusiasts will be able to witness the beauty of the Andes mountain range and views of the vast desert landscape.

The “High Mountain Expeditions” lasts for six to eight days, led by specialized guides. Climbers can conquer the Licancabur volcano, the sacred mountain of the Atacameño people on the border between Chile and Bolivia. The volcano’s crater at 19,423 feet holds one of the highest lakes in the world. Travellers will also be able to spend a night at the Licancabur base camp after crossing the border to Bolivia to reach the summit by the next morning.

The experience also offers the exploration of other sites in Chile, including the Atacama salt flats, Laguna Chaxa and the Puritama Hotsprings.

explora similarly launched other new programs, including horseback riding and photographic expeditions.

explora was founded in 1989.