Five-Star Cave Hotel To Open In China

Natalie Paris, The Daily Telegraph, June 26, 2013

The hotel, a $527-million, five-star property for the InterContinental hotel group, will cling to the walls of the quarry and overlook a sunken lake.

Its unusual centrepiece will be a 100-metre-high waterfall that will spill from the hotel roof down to an atrium on the ground floor and be visible from bedroom windows.

Two of the hotel’s 19 storeys with be submerged, looking into the depths of the lake at the bottom of the 100-metre-deep quarry. These underwater levels will house a restaurant and bedrooms.

Along with a swimming pool and all the other facilities you would usually expect, the resort will also offer opportunities for extreme sports, putting those steep quarry walls to good use with options for rock-climbing and bungee-jumping. There will also be water sports available on the lake.

The resort is based in the Songjiang district, near Shanghai. British design company Atkins is behind the build and intends to make the property as green as possible.

An ecologically-sound roof will be covered in lawns and trees and the design will exploit the quarry’s geothermal heat to generate electricity and heating.

From a walkway above the lake, guests will enter the complex via a naturally-lit atrium that the architects have said will incorporate the existing rock face, with the occasional waterfall and patches of vegetation.

The hotel is expected to open in late 2104 at the earliest, with rooms costing around £200 a night.

It is part of a larger project to build a Shimao Shanghai Wonderland theme park.