Four Seasons Prague Brings Artists and Art Fans Together

Art fans heading to the Czech Republic will want to check this out: Four Seasons Hotel Prague has created a private tour for contemporary art fans looking to explore the Czech art scene. In cooperation with the local The Chemistry Gallery, Four Seasons is bringing art connoisseurs together with young, talented Czech painters in their private ateliers.

But here's where it gets really cool: The ateliers are selected based on guests’ personal preferences, tastes and style. The hotel and The Chemistry have made up a list together a list of artists representing various techniques and design – from graffiti through more classic to abstract and figurative, and can organize meetings with the artists who suit the guests best.

“The [opportunity] to meet local painters in their ateliers and talk about their work is definitely a unique and memorable experience," said Petr Zezula, chef concierge at the hotel. "After experiencing the tour myself and listening to artists talking about their work, what motivates them, how they are expressing themselves on canvas, I was amazed and saw the art with different eyes. I would recommend this tour not only to art lovers but also guests who might want to learn about art in general.”

The three hour tour includes visits to three ateliers, limousine transfers and private guide from The Chemistry gallery. Visits to the ateliers available by appointment only and based on availability.

About the Artists

Jan Kaláb

Jan Kalab, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, is a pioneer in the Czech graffiti scene. Kalab created his first graffiti piece at 15 years old. In 2000, he visited New York where he created several panels on the New York subway and the "oneman colour wholecar." In 2001, he shifted the boundaries of graffiti and became one of the first plastic 3D graffiti artists in the world.

Jakub Švéda

Jakub Sveda first appeared on the contemporary art scene in 2000. His work is characterized by various linguistic codes that combine, confront and interlace. One of these was derived from the digital imaging of the internal structure of the body used in modern medicine, another referenced the world of contemporary design and visual communication with various logotypes, pictograms and short texts in typical advertising fonts.

Václav Misař

Václav Misař, a graduate of the studio of Jiri Sopek of Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, arranges his pictures in a way that strengthens the visual whole – dramatizing the inner display of painting convention and provoking our experience, awareness and imagination, thereby engaging sensory perception. Misar concentrates primarily on the architecture and atmosphere of the picture and, in this, sees an affinity with musical composition.

Lucie Skřivánková

Lucie Skrivankova is a graduate of the Academy of Graphic Art in Prague and the studio of Michael Rittstein. She displays superior works on the frontier between realistic architectural imagery and abstractly reached specific expressive rhythmic compositions, of time and using multiple perspectives. 

Zdeňek Trs

Zdenek Trs is a graduate of the Academy of Graphic Art in Prague, and the studio of classical painting of Professor Zdenek Beran. His canvasses carry predominantly figurative motifs and he casually plays with characters in his works. 

Tomáš Němec

Tomas Nemec is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, from the studio of Michael Rittstein. Nemec’s work is marked by characteristic painting gestures. A fascination with the iconic character Edith Piaf on the one hand and a diary of notes of everyday scenes on the other bear signs of this confrontation.