Grand Velas Los Cabos Announces Spa Atelier Workshops

Grand Velas Los Cabos has announced an innovative new Spa Atelier concept, which will launch at the end of this year when the hotel officially opens.

The Spa Atelier will complement the spa’s treatments with workshops designed to teach guests about skincare, nutrition, aromatherapy, and water and tea rituals. Couples and children will even have the opportunity to join tailored classes. The workshops will be inspired by local Mexican culture and based upon the principles of ancient Ayurvedic medicine. 

As the forefront of the concept, the spa at Gran Velas Los Cabos will be split over two levels and span 35,000 square feet. There will be 16 treatment rooms, including several with ocean views. A guided water journey, kids’ and teens’ treatments, bridal suite, salon, and barber shop will also be available.

The new Spa Atelier workshops will include:

The Tea Party: Guests will learn how teas and other natural ingredients can be beneficial for the body, including” tisanas (herbal tea infusions), whole leaf teas, herbs, spices, and fruit.

Healthy Kids Aromatherapy: This workshop is designed for parents and children to learn a wide range of “child-friendly essences” that can help with relaxing at bedtime or helping the children function throughout the day.

Couple’s Workshop: Two individual workshops will be available to couples aimed at boosting their connection; however, they will both be tailored to what the specific couple would like to gain from the exercise. Guided massages and infusions are part of the couple’s workshop.

Custom Dosha Exfoliation: Guests will have the chance to create their own custom exfoliation based on their Dosha, a concept in Ayurvedic medicine based on the balance between three energies. Each exfoliation will cater to each guest’s specific needs based on their balances or imbalances.

All classes will be between 50 and 80 minutes. Some will be complimentary while others will only be available at an extra cost.

Grand Velas’ all-inclusive rate includes luxury suite accommodations, a la carte gourmet meals, premium branded beverages, 24-hour in-suite service, fitness center, nightly entertainment, and more.