Greaves Unveils Tour for the Young at Heart

Greaves Tours LLC is taking India by storm with a new tour designed for the younger set (or the young at heart).

Designed for the 30-40 year old traveler, this active tour is a 16-day adventure including Mumbai, Coorg, Bengaluru, Chennai, Madurai, Kochi and Hyderabad.

It includes zip-lining through a rainforest, mountain climbing, exploring a coffee plantation and discovering nature trails in Coorg; trying the art of pottery in Coorg; visiting the Bylekuppe Tibetan settlement and Dubare Elephant Camp; spending the evening at Bengaluru's Sky Loune; walking tours of temples, markets and shops; an evening in the home of Nimmy Paul to witness a cooking demonstration, followed by dinner; day-cruise on a riceboat through Kerala's backwaters; exploration of Hyderabad's ancient markets; and a guided walk through the old city of Hyderabad.

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