The Inn at the Agora Opens Church Crypt

the hotel crypt at the agoraThe Inn at the Agora in Lewiston, Maine, is opening a new entertainment room for guests seeking a thrilling stay in the boutique hotel. Formerly St. Patrick’s Church, the hotel has renovated the original crypt into a luxury video-viewing room.  

After being occupied for over 100 years by Monsignor Thomas Wallace, whose body was moved to Mt. Hope Cemetery in 2009, The Hotel Crypt now includes an LCD TV, a collection of over 60 horror films, antique furnishings, a gated sitting area and a pine coffin for two. The hotel can also arrange for a “last meal,” allowing guests to dine in the crypt, and tours of Stephen King’s home.  

The unique experience is available for guests at the Inn, who can receive a Hotel Crypt key upon arrival. Guests are allowed to reserve the room until 2 am, when they will be prompted to return to their Inn rooms. 

The Hotel Crypt is open for bidding on, with bookings beginning on August 1, 2015. For more information on the new video room, visit To book guestrooms at the Inn at the Agora, visit