International Expeditions Includes Four New Destinations in 2015 Lineup

Leopard International Expeditions has just added four nature tours to its 2015 lineup for clients interested in wildlife travel. The new destinations and expedition details include:

Sri Lanka
-From $6,198
-Visits to Wilpattu, Sri Lanka’s largest national park, and Yala, the site of the highest density of wild leopards and endangered black-necked storks in the world.

-From $6,598
-Visits to four different national parks with some of India’s most concentrated tiger populations
-Wildlife tours with naturalists, nature walks, visits to local schools, and evening cooking demonstrations at family-run boutique lodges.

-From $9,248
-Exploration of the Komodo Island’s natural offerings
-Travel aboard the nine-cabin WAOW during a seven-night Indonesia cruise
-Ranger-led nature walks to observe Komodo dragons
-Birding hikes through the island’s vine forests
-Snorkelling in waters with countless species of coral and colourful fish
-Wildlife education featuring the reintroduction of the critically endangered Bali starling back into nature

-From $5,298
-Cruising Pantanal’s three rivers: Three Brothers, Cuiabá, and Piquirí (which form Meeting-of-the Waters State Park, one of the area’s largest protected zones) on guided jaguar safaris