Jetset Report: La Compagnie Launches New Amenity Kit

la compagnie La Compagnie has announced that its passengers will now receive a new premium amenity kit with every flight. The new kit includes custom headphones by Venus Brown of Buddah Brown Entertainment, plus bonus amenities to make each customer’s trip more comfortable. 

The kit is designed to fit a personal tablet and features baby blue and cool grey details. In addition to a pair of exclusive headphones designed to maximize the entertainment experience, passengers will receive Premier cru Caudalie products, socks, a mirror, a pen, a shoe bag, an eye mask, ear plugs and a toothbrush kit. 

Aside from the new flight packages, passengers will receive a preloaded Samsung Galaxy Tablet that they are free to use during their flight. Passengers can also enjoy La Compagnie’s gourmet menu. Inspired by Michelin-starred chef Christophe Langree, the airline's menu offers decadent options like sliced chicken, quail egg and vegetables in truffle oil and pea soup served with fresh mint and almonds. For quick bites, passengers can indulge in premium French wines, fine liquors and gourmet artisan cheeses.