Karisma Hotels & Resorts Hosts First Annual Chili Pepper Festival

From October 19-22, Karisma Hotels & Resorts will be hosting their first annual Chili Pepper Festival at El Dorado Royale, A Spa Resort, by Karisma. For those three days Riviera Maya will be brimming with acclaimed chefs from across North and South America. 

This Gourmet Inclusive Experience will include an interactive program, during which chili pepper enthusiasts can learn about the chili pepper growing process, get tips to help master cooking with chili peppers, and enjoy a firsthand taste of spicy culinary delights. Guests will go to a chili field and a Mayan chili market for the workshops. Many of the peppers used will come from Karisma’s 75,000-square-foot, on-property greenhouse. The selection of chili peppers planted for the festival produced by Karisma’s greenhouse includes chilaca, serrano, habanero, jalapeño, ancho, guajillo and arbol peppers. 

The Chili Pepper Festival’s roster of chefs includes Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, Jose Miguel Garcia, Paul Rogalski, Aquiles Chavez, and Rofaldo Castellanos, who will be presenting interactive demonstrations and curating a collection of delicious spicy dishes. Guests will experience a chili barreling, where chilies will be blended with wine vinaigrette and salt from Celestum inside a Jackson Family Wine barrel to create a one-of-a-kind chili sauce that will be debuted at the 2017 festival.

A gala dinner where the roster of chefs will entertain the guests with live culinary demonstrations will conclude the event.  

Available packages include the Less Spicy, Mild Spicy and Extra Spicy package, each of which offers different levels of access.