La Compagnie Launches New Frequent Flyer Program

La Compagnie, the all-business class airline service, has just announced that it will be offering a frequent flyer program for passengers.

The program, MyCompagnie, allows passengers to collect points that they can use for the future on trips between New York, Paris and London. Every time they fly La Compagnie, frequent flyer members will gain anywhere from one to five points, following the following point system:

- Full Flex for five points

- Semi Flex for three points

- Best Buy for two points

- Promo for one point

As a bonus, every customer registering for MyCompagnie by June 30 will receive 10 bonus points for their account. In addition, flights since the company’s launch in July 2014 can be eligible for the program, allowing previous passengers to start receiving points immediately. 

Through the program, passengers accumulating 20 points will receive a one-way ticket to any of the above destinations, while passengers accumulating 40 points will receive a round-trip ticket to any of the above destinations.