The Latest Buzz: A New Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City has always been a favorite for travelers headed to Mexico. Now, art-lovers will have another Kahlo Museum to visit.

Riviera Maya
Photo by Suriano

Riviera Maya News is reporting that a new museum dedicated to the artist is set to open in Riviera Maya in the beginning of 2017.  The new Frida Kahlo Museum Riviera Maya will be located in the center of the Riviera Maya on 5th Avenue and 8th Street, the same location as the Frida Kahlo restaurant, reports Riviera Maya News.

If this museum mirrors the Mexico City location, guests can expect to see a range of art and design. Currently, the capital city museum is showing a collection of the artist’s dresses. The wardrobe was found in 2004 and provides a striking visual image. We don’t think the two museums will compete for visitors, considering the locations and uniqueness of the Mexico City location. Remember, Kahlo’s own Blue House plays host to the museum.