The Latest Perks from Lufthansa's First- and Business-Class Service

Flying to Europe? Flying within Europe? We're rather impressed with some of Lufthansa's recent improvements—take a look at what's available in the air and on the ground:

Last year, Lufthansa launched a new culinary program that offered menus created by chefs who have earned at least two Michelin stars or a comparable distinction. (First Class passengers can now get the exclusive caviar service as a separate course on day and evening flights.) The efforts seem to have paid off, since the airline’s First Class has been awarded five stars in the Skytrax star ranking, and the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences presented its International Five-Star Diamond Award to Germany's flag-carrier.  

Business Class

Key improvements in 2014 will focus on Business Class in particular. The current in-flight service on long-haul routes will get more perks that will be tested this summer and, if successful, will be implemented on the entire long-haul network beginning in 2015. The process of refitting the long-haul fleet with the new Business Class will also be complete by summer 2015. A total of 7,000 full-flat seats are being installed on 106 long-haul aircraft.

Starting in August, the amenity kits provided in Business Class will also be upgraded. A new kit has been developed with Samsonite and will include products from the Greek brand Korres. 

Premium Economy Class 

For its new Premium Economy Class, Lufthansa is launching a new seat that will give passengers up to 50 percent more room. Nice touches: Passengers will get real porcelain tableware with their meal service, and can take a second item of luggage with them at no extra charge. 

Tickets for Premium Economy will be available for sale in May, and the first flight is planned for October. The first aircraft to feature the new travel class will be the Boeing 747-8. The installation of Premium Economy should be complete by the end of 2015, at which point there will be a total of 3,600 seats in the long-haul fleet cabins. 

At the Airports

Beginning this summer, HON Circle members, Senators and First and Business Class passengers will have access to the security "fast lane" at all intercontinental destinations and at selected destinations in Europe. 

By the end of this quarter, Lufthansa boost its product offering in its Business Lounges—we hear healthier foods will be available, as well as vegetarian options. The breakfast menu will also be expanded, while ready-to-eat options (think fancy sandwiches) will be available at peak times to ensure that the buffet is less crowded. Even better: Lounge foods will will get more visible labels in order to make sure guests will allergies can avoid risky ingredients. 

We checked out Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal in Frankfurt a little while back—it has a concierge who can reserve sleeping quarters or a private shower room, or even a room with a tub and a rubber ducky. Travelers can use one of five private offices, complete with a desktop computer, phone and a door (no eavesdropping from neighbors!). The bar, meanwhile, has a menu of 70 whiskies.