Laucala Island Offers Deep-Sea Submersible for Guest Exploration

Fijian private island resort Laucala Island has a cool new experience for guests: a DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible experience. The two–person winged submersible craft will let guests explore the South Pacific Ocean without getting wet.

Underwater, adventurers can see coral reefs and tropical fish. One of Fiji’s most popular dive sites, the Great White Wall—a vertical wall covered in soft white coral–is just 40 minutes from the resort. Guests will have 360 degree views of coral reefs, fish and sharks as well as other marine life. Unlike conventional submersibles that sink, we hear the Super Falcon enables guests to “fly in the ocean.” 
Once owned by the Forbes family as a private island escape, Laucala Island was purchased in 2002 by Dietrich Mateschitz, C.E.O. of Red Bull drink company, and launched in 2011 as a private island resort. Good for eco-conscious visitors: The resort is 80 percent self-sustainable.
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