Matthew Jukes, Quintessentially Publishing Launch ‘The 100 Most Iconic Wine Estates’

“Quintessentially: The 100 Most Iconic Wine Estates” has been launched by Quintessentially Publishing. The book, curated by Matthew Jukes, features photography from vineyards around the globe, editorial, and Jukes' own stories and experiences of the wines.

The book tackles different wine estates in the book.

Beginning with Winston Churchill’s glass of choice, Pol Roger, Juke escorts the reader on a tour of the Champagne region in Northern France. The exclusive house produces just 1.5 million bottles a year and remains popular with members of the upper-class since its being established in 1849. The Billecart-Salmon chateau is where the family has developed an entirely unique fermentation process, inspired by the traditional beer making process. Known as double “débourbage”, the wine goes through cold stabilization prior to fermentation; this allows the solids in the juice to settle and be discarded. The 1959 Nicolas Francois vintage was given the accolade of Champagne of the millennium, and Jukes checked this out.

The Louis Roederer was established in 1776. Since the chateau’s inception, it has exported a large percentage of their annual produce to Russia and it was their seal as the official supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia in the 18th century that led to the birth of one of the iconic status symbols of the 21st century: Cristal champagne. Meanwhile, Bollinger Champagne has earned a six royal warrants over the years, from Queen Victoria to the current Queen Elizabeth II. Mme Lily Bollinger took up the reins when her husband, Jacques, died in 1941, at a time when it was unheard of for a woman to head up a house.

Juke was voted the most influential wine writer in the UK in 2011.