Mind Control? Marriott UK Asks Millennials to Imagine Guestroom of the Future

Sometimes it feels like the hype surrounding Millennial travelers has lent them the air of a species under scientific observation. Like a 19th-century anthropologist, Marriott Hotels in the UK has taken this trend to its 21st-century conclusion: by reaching out to five Millennial "tribe leaders" and asking them to imagine the guestroom of the future as part of the company's #brilliantguestroom campaign. 

Travelers can now vote on their favorite elements of the room at http://www.travelbrilliantly.co.uk/guestroom before October 20 for a chance to win a four-day trip to the new Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisil, Turkey

Elements of the #brilliantguestroom range from the social media savvy, like an interactive Instagram wall, to the more fanciful, like mind-controlled projectors. Visitors to the site will vote on the best elements of each room design to create one winning concept that will be built as a show room in Westfield, London, from October 27 to November 2. 

The "Five Tribes" of Millennials

Marriott initially identified its "five tribes" of Millennials during its Travel Brilliantly campaign of 2013, in which a survey of 18-35 year olds in the UK groups Millennials into tribes based on similar attitudes, lifestyles and aspirations. Marriott describes the tribes as:

"The Desirable Digerati: Early adopters of all hi-tech gadgetry and digital inventions. These fit, sociable, fashionable males are well travelled and often use their tech prowess to create start-ups. Tribe Leader: Jason Bradbury, TV Presenter & Author

The Fashionista Mumpreneurs: Fashion forward, savvy, self-employed, likely to have had a career change after having kids to fit around their lifestyle. Big in the blogger sphere and on social media. Tribe Leader: Katie Piper, TV presenter & Charity Founder

The Competitive Challengers: Fitness super-fans who thrive on the challenge of physical competitions from Iron Man to Tough Mudder. Keen sharers on social media, this group travels in packs, always on the look out for adventure. Tribe Leader: Danny Care, Harlequins & England rugby team player

The Social Media Savvies: Lovers of the Selfie and fans of every social app under the sun, these well-groomed, young and carefree spirits love nothing more than a good party at home or away. Tribe Leader: Victoria InTheFrow, Celebrity Blogger & Lecturer

The Financial Foodies: Tribe Leader: An emerging group of foodie fans who are ditching high powered jobs in the city in search of a fulfilling career in the food industry where their passion can flourish. Tribe Leader: Luiz Hara, Investment banker turned blogger, Editor of The London Foodie."