More Funny Airline Safety Videos

Several months back, we took a look at some funny safety videos from a range of airlines--and, apparently, the trend has caught on, because several new videos have come out since then that use humor to prepare passengers for flights. 

Late last year, Virgin America's "Safety Dance" video went viral, possibly because of the fun dancing or because of the snarky humor. (""For the .001 percent of you who have never operated a seatbelt before…really?!?") Virgin Atlantic went with an animated option for their new video, which launched over the spring. 

Air New Zealand used Sports Illustrated swimsuit models to catch the eye for this video--and a cameo by supermodel Christie Brinkley certainly didn't hurt!

This Delta video is all about the 1980s (check out the ALF cameo, and the great "What's Wi-Fi" response to the announcement that the flight has high-speed Internet). 

Delta's most recent video also uses fun sight gags to make its points… 

But the outtakes from the videos are probably the best. Don't you hate it when your robot won't shut down?

And just as cool, flight attendants are now adding humor to their presentations. This SouthWest Airlines FA wound up on the talk show circuit earlier this year when her safety demonstration was caught on video and went viral:

And this SouthWest flight attendant echoed Virgin America's video with his quips about seatbelts...though his insights on passengers' fashion were certainly unique! ("The ladies will be passing through the cabin to make sure your shoes, socks and handbags all match.")

What's your favorite airline safety video? Sound off in the comments below!