Navarra Cuisine Comes to New York

Those who want to revel in the taste of piquillo red peppers and rosado wine should get to New York next month. For eight days, February 20 through 27, Spain's region of Navarra will be on menus throughout the City for a gastronomic celebration. Restaurants will offer menus highlighting Navarra's unique traditional dishes and local wines.

Chefs in restaurants throughout New York will prepare tantalizing cuisine nurturing a cooking style of complex flavors and mixed textures. Menus will include Navarran dishes such as, Warm Partridge & Jabugo Ham Salad, Artichokes fried with Tocino (Jabugo Ham fat), Piquillo red peppers stuffed with meat or fish, Pochas beans, roast suckling pig, sautéed wild Mushrooms and white asparagus, Lobster, Puff Pastry with Potato & Foie and Sweet Wine Sauce. Compliment these exciting flavors with a Navarrese wine, a region some say produce the best wineries in Spain. Choose a wine from one of the many Navarran vineyards to accompany an entrée, tapas or some fabulous Navarran cheese; a Roncal, or Idiazabal.

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