New All-Inclusive Retreat in Malibu

Aja Malibu

Aja Malibu, a holistic retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains, will open this spring. The luxury retreat is set on 23 acres, once owned by President Roosevelt.

The resort will have seven guestrooms, seven gardens and a seven-night wellness offering. Guests will eat vegetarian cuisine and will participate in rituals and ceremonies, as well as healing spa therapies. The idea is to help visitors to feel self-empowered and, of course, relax.

The interior of the resort uses natural reclaimed FCS-certified timbers there are also sustainable cooling systems and solar powered radiant heat. Guests will sleep on organic sheets and use organic towels and robes. Aja aims to provide visitors with a chemical-free environment.

There will also be various workshops to take part in. Guests can opt to visit the gardens to learn about edible flowers and herbs, as well as what they can grow in their own gardens. Note: The tours and food will change seasonally. During the day, there will be wisdom workshops, tea ceremonies, experiential nature exercises, meditation, daily hikes through local canyons and more.

The all-inclusive rate begins at $10,000 per person for a seven-night stay. The rate includes 28 spa treatments, meals and all workshops.